Mediation in White Plains & Westchester NY | Ely J. Rosenzveig
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Mediation: A Cost-Effective Way to Resolve Disputes

Mediation: A Cost-Effective Way to Resolve Disputes

Mediation in Westchester and White Plains, NY

In protracted, complicated disputes, personal and commercial, one of the awful byproducts is the exorbitant legal cost incurred by all parties involved. Our team of attorneys is trained in mediation techniques to help the parties resolve their issues in an amicable, user-friendly, and cost-effective environment—much preferred to the more typical legal proceedings featuring “duking” attorneys inclined to pad fees in litigation.


Your dispute requires expertise and the benefit of seasoned counsel. Our firm’s principal partner, Ely J. Rosenzveig, has over 30 years of mediation experience, as an attorney and a congregational rabbi. He and his son and partner, Ariel, have trained at Harvard Law School in mediation and other alternative dispute resolution techniques. They and their team of professionals are ready to help you achieve a cost-effective resolution of the dispute in which you are involved.


Contact our office, which serves New York and New Jersey, to put premier legal professionals to work for you.