Ariel Rosenzveig is an exceptionally courteous, diligent and thorough eldercare lawyer. Sensitive to the task at hand and leaving no stone left unturned, he supported our family as he maneuvered through our family’s elder care and estate planning needs. I would highly recommend Ely J. Rosenzveig & Associates, PC, to family and friends.

– Briana E.

You came to our aid during the most stressful time of life for my family. You are like a guardian angel to us – with every task you gave us 110 percent of your efforts and you have resolved many issues for us, in both financial and legal matters. We have known you for over eight years and you have always demonstrated fairness and good judgment. In addition, you have provided invaluable comfort, friendship and legal guidance for my family and we are grateful for your services. We look forward to continue to work with you and your firm.

– Beatrice Y.

I reached out to you during the most stressful time of life for both my loved ones and myself – horror had occurred to my dear loving mother. My mom had fractured her hip and due to her frail health and advanced age required risky hip replacement surgery. Multiple complications sadly occurred for Mom, on each one I did what I could to resolve them and bring her comfort. Many issues legal and otherwise arose which I could not personally resolve. You not only resolved each and every one, but you continue to do so now for over 4 years.

You always display extreme sincerity, compassion and friendship, using your vast experience and confidence in your ability, due to your many successes, to continually bring satisfaction, positive results and a tremendous sense of relief and comfort to my loved ones and myself.

You have gone out of your way to visit Mom on multiple occasions in her Nursing house and we love you for it. As an attorney, friend, and a great man, I could not possibly hope to know anyone more phenomenal. The three greatest men I have ever known are my dear departed father, my dear departed father-in-law and Ely Rosenzveig.

– Jeff D.

Navigating all the overwhelming details and complexities in my mother’s case was handled with the utmost efficiency and sensitivity.  The expense and endless sharing of information and paperwork resulted in an outcome that is totally beneficial to my mother.

-Arlene L.

Ely J. Rosenzveig & Associates handled a recent complicated issue concerning our family’s desired changes to a cemetery plot. I had made repeated attempts over the years to deal directly with the cemetery and had been given incorrect instructions and continual negative feedback. When I involved the firm, they took charge immediately, arrived at a viable solution quickly and resolved the matter amicably. The firm exhibits a level of interest and concern for their clients that far exceeds the professional standard.

– Leon A.

Ely J. Rosenzveig & Associates conveyed a sense of privilege for working with us! I felt that they saw to the heart of the matter, valued our righteous intentions and consistently reminded us of their regard. As to skill, our problem was well within their expertise. They were smooth, efficient, and always two steps ahead. Within weeks, the problem was solved and our elder was thousands of dollars richer! We have absolutely no doubt that we will use their services again.

– Joan W.


As your clients, we have been completely satisfied with your legal services, and would whole-heartedly recommend your law firm to anyone seeking highly credible, totally professional, and exceedingly competent legal representation.

– Richard & Jenny G.

I hired Ely to assist with my parents estate planning and it was a wise decision. He is a true expert in navigating through complex elder care law and procedures. His guidance was invaluable and his communication excellent.  I would strongly recommend his services.

– Tom C.

I found the firm to be extremely compassionate in terms of the generous price coupled with the generous attention and time devoted to my case.  At first, I was doubtful I even had a case, but in the end was surprised by the very substantive legal issues which came up in my favor.  Upon resolution, I am left not only with respect and admiration for the firm, but a new-found respect and admiration for the legal profession in general.

– Jesse S.

Ely J. Rosenzveig is a sensible and sensitive person.  He is fair, hardworking and determined.  I highly recommend him as an attorney.

– Margaret M.