Senior Couple In Discussion With Health Visitor At HomeMedicaid

Medicaid is a program created by Congress in 1964. Medicaid is funded in part by the federal government, but administered largely by the individual states. It is a means tested program, which means that it is designed as an entitlement program with a broad array of medical care benefits provided by the government, both state and federal, in support of the poor, with clearly specified and rigorously enforced financial income and resource eligibility limits.

If you or your loved one is eligible for Medicaid, Medicaid covers physician’s services, hospital care, medications, supplies, long-term care either in your home or a skilled nursing facility, and other necessary services.

Home Health CareOur firm has attorneys with extensive experience in negotiating the complex bureaucratic minefield in which Medicaid is now mired, a dynamic only exacerbated with the passage of the Deficit reduction Act of 2006, and the new rules regarding the look-back requirements, and penalty period calculations for non-Medicaid exempt asset transfers. We have achieved remarkable results for our clients on a host of Medicaid related issues, from getting Medicaid approvals for coverage of home care and institutional care benefits, to very accommodative resolutions of Medicaid spousal recovery claims, where the office of Medicaid aggressively pursues the non-institutionalized (i.e., or “community”) spouse for Medicaid benefits provided.


Medicare was created in 1965 with the passage into law of Title XVIII of the Social Security Act. Medicare is the primary health insurance provider for our seniors. Its benefits are classified into four (4) parts: (1) Part A-Hospital insurance;(2) Part B- Medical insurance;(3) Part C-Medicare + Choice plans for alternatives to traditional fee for service; and, (4) Part D- prescription drug benefits. We provide our client with fully updated reviews of their benefit options under Medicare so that they can make well-informed and optimal choices within the program.