GuardianshipWhen someone dear to you is incapable of managing his or her own personal needs  or financial affairs, and all other alternatives have been exhausted, our firm will guide and assist you in all aspects of a guardianship proceeding.  Our firm will help you determine the most appropriate person to fill the guardian role, will file a petition for guardianship, and will prepare all required reports and documentation. Ely J. Rosenzveig & Associates will explain a guardian’s duties to you in a way that will give you a thorough understanding of what is expected and what is required of you and the guardian you select.

GuardianshipThe guardian you select is typically a family member or close friend who you feel comfortable with and is able to make personal and financial decisions on behalf of a loved one.  These needs range from daily living requirements, to medical treatment, and financial and investment decisions.

Our office is prepared to help shepherd our clients through the legal morass – from petition and hearing, to appointment and commission – with great care and consideration. We are poised  to proceed with an Article 81 proceeding where the alleged incapacitated person has suffered cognitive impairment, typically as a result of an emerging health issue or incident, or an Article 17A petition for the developmentally disabled.

We are pledged to provide our clients with the legal and communal support systems to help cope with an otherwise painful, and difficult process.